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[texts]Dissertaçaõ ou breve tractado sobre algumas regras mais necessarias da hermeneutica, e da diplomatica : para o estudo da historia ecclesiastica - Transfiguração, José Pedro da
Running title: Dissertaçaõ sobre a hermeneutica
Keywords: Hermeneutics
Downloads: 92
[audio]Justin Peters Program 10-13-14 - Justin Peters
Hermeneutics - Pitfall of Nationalizing It's one of the most well known verses in the Old Testament: "If My people who are called by My name..." 2 Chronicles 7:14. Many Christians take this verse and apply it to the United States or whichever country in which they happen to reside. It has become a popular verse both in the realm of religion and that of politics. Does this verse encompass the United States as, for example, Joseph Farah asserts? Can we take promises God made to Israel and make bla...
Keywords: Hermeneutics
Downloads: 327
[audio]Joe Selness - Why we read the Bible - Joe Selness
April 06, 2008 - Reading the Bible
Keywords: Hermeneutics; Bible
Downloads: 66
[texts]ha-Gezerah ha-shaah : toldot hitpatutah be-sifrut ha-Talmud - Schwarz, Adolf, 1846-1931
Translation of: Die hermeneutische Analogie in der talmudischen Litteratur
Keywords: Talmud.Hermeneutics
Downloads: 297
[texts]Introduction to sacred philology and interpretation (Volume 7) - Planck, Gottlieb Jakob, 1751-1833

Keywords: Bible; Hermeneutics
Downloads: 282
[audio]Eyes Wide Open - Joe Gunby
A sermon on Luke 24
Keywords: hermeneutics; scripture
Downloads: 8
[texts]Interpreting the Bible - Wes Bredenhof
Document summarizing S. Greijdanus
Keywords: Biblical Hermeneutics
Downloads: 511
[audio]The Hidden Bible Podcast Episode 3 Divine Absence And Deuteronomy 25 - Deacon Harbey Santiago
In which we talk about the scandal of God's absence and Deuteronomy 25:11-12
Keywords: Bible; hermeneutics; interpretation deuteronomy
Downloads: 22
[audio]Justin Peters Program 8-26-14 - Justin Peters
In this program we continue our study into Hermeneutics: How to properly read an interpret God's Word. We will look at the steps of Preparation and Observation. Regarding preparation, we must acknowledge the unique spiritual nature of the Bible and seek guidance from God's Holy Spirit. Regarding Observation (of the text) we must ask some fundamental questions including: Who is the author? For what purpose did he write? Who were the recipients? All of these questions will help us arrive not at th...
Keywords: Hermeneutics; Bible Study
Downloads: 132
[audio]Justin Peters Program 9-1-14 - Justin Peters
Hermeneutics - part 4: In this program we continue our study into Hermeneutics. We will begin looking at some common mistakes people make in interpreting God's Word. This week we will look at the pitfall known as Isolationism, more commonly referred to as "Proof Texting." In this, people will take a verse out of its intended context to come to a meaning foreign to the text and preferred over the intended meaning...
Keywords: Justin Peters; Hermeneutics
Downloads: 191
[texts]Greidanus on Interpretation - Wes Bredenhof
Seakle Greidanus on hermeneutics.
Keywords: hermeneutics; Reformed; Greidanus
Downloads: 179
[texts]Reading The Building Code - Joseph P McEvoy
a primer addressing the structure and function of contemporary building codes using the fourth edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code as an example.
Keywords: building codes; reading; hermeneutics
Downloads: 35
[audio]Justin Peters Program 11-24-14 - Justin Peters
Hermeneutics - Pitfall of Generalizing One of the most common mistakes people make in biblical hermeneutics is to assume that an event or promise recorded in Scripture is to be considered normative for Christians today. The Apostle Paul went to Heaven so why can't we? People were being healed in the New Testament and even the dead were being raised so why shouldn't we expect these things today? Many have made Jeremiah 29:11 their life verse and churches put this verse on their signs outside so t...
Keywords: Justin Peters; Hermeneutics
Downloads: 160
[texts]Reading The Building Code - Joseph P McEvoy
Written for a course at Northeastern University in 1990 the book is a primer on the structure and content of modern building codes. The fourth edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code is used as an example.
Keywords: hermeneutics building codes regulation
Downloads: 38
[movies]Whose Christianity? Which Interpretation? - Reformed Forum
Nathan Shannon reviews Merold Westphalâs book Whose Christianity? Which Interpretation? Philosophical Hermeneutics for the Church.
Keywords: interpretation; hermeneutics; theology; postmodern
Downloads: 688
[texts]Grundlinien der Grammatik, Hermeneutik und Kritik - Ast, Friedrich, 1778-1841
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: bub_upload; Hermeneutics; Methodology
Downloads: 2
[texts]Kritik und Hermeneutik nebst Abriss des antiken Buchwesens - Birt, Theodor, 1852-1933
"Als ich nach Friedrich Blass' Ableben es übernahm, eine dritte Aufl. ... in meiner Weise neu vorzutragen ... " --Vorwort
Keywords: Hermeneutics; Criticism; Books -- History
Downloads: 1,379
[audio]Justin Peters Program 12-15-14 - Justin Peters
Hermeneutics - Appropriation In our series on Hermeneutics we have looked at some of the fundamental principles of how to rightly divide the Word of Truth and have examined some of the common pitfalls, mistakes, that people make in interpreting Scripture. hopefully, we have gained some knowledge in the last few months. In today's program we will look at Appropriation. In other words, what do we do with the knowledge that we now have? Head knowledge is good and needful, but unless it is appropria...
Keywords: Hermeneutics; Justin Peters
Downloads: 105
[movies]The Proper Use of Scripture / Los usos de la Escritura - Henry Roncancio
This video explores de use of the Scripture according to 2 Timothy 3:15-16 Este video explora el uso de la Escritura según 2 Timoteo 3:15-16
Keywords: Hermeneutica; Hermeneutics; Bibla; Bible
Downloads: 100
[texts]Kritik und hermeneutik, nebst Abriss des antiken buchwesens - Birt, Theodor, 1852-1933
Keywords: Hermeneutics; Criticism; Books
Downloads: 661
[texts]The text of the Old Testament considered : with, a treatise on sacred interpretation : and, a brief introduction to the Old Testament books and the Apocrypha .. - Davidson, Samuel, 1806-1898

Keywords: Bible; Bible; Bible -- Hermeneutics
Downloads: 544
[audio]Whose Christianity? Which Interpretation? - Reformed Forum
Nathan Shannon reviews Merold Westphal's book Whose Christianity? Which Interpretation? Philosophical Hermeneutics for the Church.
Keywords: postmodern; hermeneutics; review; interpretation; theology
Downloads: 817
[audio]Common Joe Theology Show 3
interview with Pastor Charlie Perkins on the topic: Seeing Christ in the Old Testament (Hermeneutics)
Keywords: Jesus; Bible; Christ; Gospel; Hermeneutics
Downloads: 177
[audio]Justin Peters Program 12-1-14 - Justin Peters
Experientializing We continue our look into Hermeneutics by examining the pitfall known as Experientializing. This occurs when we interpret the Bible by what we experience. Many people, for example, believe in a private prayer language because they have experienced it. Experientializing can also occur when we take an historical event in Scripture and assume that because it occurred in biblical days it should be experienced by believers today as well...
Keywords: Justin Peters; Hermeneutics; Bible Study
Downloads: 173
[audio]Justin Peters Program 12-22-14 - Justin Peters
Hermeneutics - Proclamation Well, this program wraps up our series on Hermeneutics. Hopefully we have gained some knowledge and are appropriating that knowledge. So now what? Now it is time to proclaim that knowledge. In Ezra 7 we see that the prophet "studied the law of the Lord, practiced it, and taught it to Israel." This is the proper order. We should study, practice what we know and then teach it - proclaim it - to others.
Keywords: Justin Peters; Hermeneutics; Christian Living
Downloads: 142
[texts]Was ist populäre Schrift=Erklärung [microform] : Was stund ihr bisher im Weg, und wie ist sie zwekmäsig zu befördern? ... - Schuler, Philipp Heinrich, 1754-1814
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Bible; Hermeneutics -- Religious aspects Christianity
Downloads: 321
[audio]Justin Peters Program 7-28-14 - Justin Peters
Cutting It Straight With God's Word, part 2 In this program we continue our study in biblical hermeneutics by looking at four of the broad based attacks on Scripture: Higher Critical, Cultural, Cultic and Hypocritical attacks. We will define them and talk about how they are manifested in both our society and churches. Then we will take a bit of a turn and we will talk about Sword Selection. In other words, which Bible translation should I use? There are so many translations out there from which ...
Keywords: Justin Peters; Hermeneutics; Bible Study
Downloads: 188
[audio]Gospel Talk -- June 22-26, 2009 - Wes Bredenhof
Gospel Talk radio programs for June 22-26, 2009
Keywords: Reformed radio; Christian talk radio; gospel; hermeneutics
Downloads: 93
[audio]Gospel Talk -- June 15-18, 2009 - Wes Bredenhof
Gospel Talk radio programs for June 15-18, 2009
Keywords: Gospel Talk; Christian radio; Reformed; Hermeneutics
Downloads: 95
[audio]The Hidden Bible Podcast Episode 3 1 Divine Absence
First half of episode 3 in which we talk about the absence of God
Keywords: Podcast; apologetics; Christian; hermeneutics; bible; interpretation
Downloads: 7
[audio]The Hidden Bible Podcast - Deacon Harbey Santiago
Episode 2 - In which we look at the issue of the bible as the inerrant word of God and take a look a Mathew 15 in which It appears Jesus is advocating the  murder of children by their parents.
Keywords: Bible; hermeneutics; biblical interpretation; Catholic; Mathew 15
Downloads: 13
[texts]Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area activity management plan - Wall, Kathy Jo
Authors from p. ii
Keywords: Wildlife viewing sites; Wildlife watching; Interpretation; Hermeneutics
Downloads: 59
[audio]The Hidden Bible Podcast Episode 1 Joshua 10 - Deacon Harbey Santiago
Episode 1, in which we discuss the miracle of the longest day recorded in the book of Joshua and also discuss the motivation for this podcast.
Keywords: Bible; atheism; hermeneutics; Joshua 10; biblical interpretation
Downloads: 7
[audio]THB E 1 - Deacon Harbey Santiago
The first episode of The Hidden Bible podcast. In which we talk about the proper way to read the bible and about the events recorded in the 10th chapter of the book of Joshua
Keywords: Podcast; bible; hermeneutics; catholic; roman catholic; Joshua
Downloads: 8
[texts]Reading The Building Code - Joseph P McEvoy
a primer on the art of reading building codes with discussion of their structure and function
Keywords: building codes; hermeneutics; reading regulatory texts
Downloads: 14
[texts]Einleitende und Hilfs-Disziplinen - Urlichs, Ludwig von, 1813-1889
A. Grundlegung und Geschichte der Philologie.--B. Hermeneutik und Kritik.--C. Paleographie.--D-E. Epigraphik.--F. Chronologie.--G. Metrologie
Keywords: bub_upload; Classical philology; Hermeneutics; Inscriptions, Latin
Downloads: 2
[audio]Justin Peters Program 11-10-14 - Justin Peters
A common mistake that people (and many preachers, unfortunately) make is that they will use the correct biblical terminology but assign a different meaning to those terms. This is the fallacy known as "Redefining." In this program we will look at 3 examples of how people redefine the biblical terms; namely hell, repentance, and foreknowledge. If Hell a real place and is it really separation from God? Is repentance just a change in mind? Is God's foreknowledge simply Him looking down through the ...
Keywords: Justin Peters; Hermeneutics; Hell; Bible Study
Downloads: 267
[audio]Justin Peters Program 10-21-14 - Justin Peters
Hello friends - there was a mix-up on this week's program. I sincerely apologize for a repeat program being posted. We should be back on track now. The move to Idaho has left me most unorganized. At any rate, let's continue our study into biblical hermeneutics. It's one of the most well known verses in the Old Testament: "If My people who are called by My name..." 2 Chronicles 7:14. Many Christians take this verse and apply it to the United States or whichever country in which they happen to res...
Keywords: Discernment; America is a Christian Nation; hermeneutics
Downloads: 300
[movies]Hermeneutical Bridge - Christopher Drew
This movie was composed as a hermeneutical reflection for a New Testament exegesis project based on Mark 15:22-39. This text contains Mark's account of the crucifixion of Jesus. The author hopes that viewers of the video will be better able to understand the theological center of Mark 15:22-29. The biblical text in koine Greek: Kai« fe÷rousin aujto\n e˙pi« to\n Golgoqa◊n to/pon, o¢ e˙stin meqermhneuo/menon Krani÷ou To/poß...
Keywords: bible; reflection; hermeneutics; new testament; mark; gospel
Downloads: 200
[audio]Signs In The Sun and In The Moon - Brian Simmons
This 25-minute Bible study answers the question of whether the cosmic signs preceding Christ's second advent (as mentioned in Matt. 24: 29) are to be taken symbolically, that is in a figurative sense. Examining key passages in the Old Testament, Brian Simmons brings out the literal rendering of the text, and shows that the Preterist interpretation is a hoax.
Keywords: Preterism; Hermeneutics; Dispensationalism; Brian Simmons; Hyper-Preterism
Downloads: 66
[unknown]Zechariah 14: Preteristic Or Pre-Millennial? - Brian Simmons
This article examines whether Zechariah 14, a much contested passage, supports a Preterist view of eschatology. Our conclusion is that it does not, and that it constitutes one of the main bulwarks of Pre-Millennialism.
Keywords: preterism; preterist eschatology; bible prophecy; millennium; Israel; Dispensationalism; hermeneutics
Downloads: 19
[audio]Are Hyper-Preterists Really Sola Scriptura? - Brian Simmons
This short podcast examines the Biblical concept of Sola Scriptura against the Hyper-Preterist claim that orthodox Christians depend on human authority to bolster their teachings. Brian Simmons shows that a proper application of Sola Scriptura, according to Protestant hermeneutics, results in a repetition of doctrinal truth, whereas Hyper-Preterist premises create a vacuum perception â thus frustrating the foundation of Sola Scriptura.
Keywords: Sola Scriptura; hyper-preterism; hermeneutics; Bible interpretation; Brian Simmons
Downloads: 58
[texts]ERIC ED362434: Getting Inside Other People's Heads: Robin George Collingwood on the Unity of Thought. - ERIC
This paper traces the attempts by the philosopher Robin George Collingwood to answer the question: How does one change the course of modern thought? The description of Collingwood's work is structured around three of the philosopher's books that represent a unified attempt to solve the problem. The three books cover a span of over 10 years and, while varied in their stated objectives, when taken as a whole represent one purpose...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Epistemology; Hermeneutics; Higher Education; Historiography; History; Intellectual History
Downloads: 12
[texts]Music as Episteme, Text, Sign & Tool (ebook) - Zachar Laskewicz
Published book concerning the development of a total approach to musical experience in a multimedial sense. The music of Bali is the primary example and each of the four chapters presents a different way of looking at music. The primary premise on which the work is based is that firstly the way one experiences music can influence the way one experiences reality and that that the way one experiences music is essentially related to the complex social processes involved in its education...
Keywords: epistemology; ethnomusicology; episteme; text; hermeneutics; textuality; Bali; Java; Gamelan
Downloads: 302
[texts]ERIC ED335139: Should Developmental Psychologists Take Seriously the Hermeneutic Critique? - ERIC
Most developmental psychologists have encountered some version of the hermeneutic critique. Hermeneuticists assert that the traditional conception of social science research is fundamentally flawed in methodology, in its conception of the human person and human action, and in epistemology. Hermeneuticists maintain that hermeneutics should revolutionize psychological and educational research. How seriously should this argument be taken? First, consider the methodological argument...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Developmental Psychology; Epistemology; Hermeneutics; Objectivity; Scientific Methodology
Downloads: 7
[texts]Introduction Critical Study Knowledge Holy Scripture. Horne. Davidson. Ayre. Tregelles.complete, 4vols, 2 extra vols, 14th,10th,11th,9th. 19thcent. - Thomas H. Horne, Samuel Davidson, John Ayre, Samuel P. Tregelles.19th century.1877.
Here is Horne's Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Long considered an essential Biblical reference work of excellence and a standard resource since the early editions. This collection presents th 14th edition and the 10th edition, both complete, and an added Compentium volume from the 11th edition, and the 5th volume from the 9th edition. The volumes were collected from scattered locations on Google and at times mislabled and wronly categorized, with wrong A...
Keywords: bible; introduction; scripture; study; interpretation; theology; hermeneutics; textual criticism
Downloads: 1,823
[texts]ERIC ED372324: Foundations of Cognitive Theory: A Concise Review. - ERIC
Cognitive-learning theories hold a unique place in history: they explore the depths of the mind from the perspective of process. This paper discusses the history of cognitive-learning theories and how they grew to shape the way one perceives, organizes, stores, and retrieves information. The paper, after providing a definition and synopsis of cognitive theory and its basic concepts, turns to the theories' philosophical foundations, beginning with Plato...
Keywords: ERIC Archive; Cognitive Psychology; Epistemology; Hermeneutics; Learning; Piagetian Theory
Downloads: 17
[texts]Recensio Synoptica Annotationis Sacrae.CDSAA.NT. and Lexicon.Bloomfield.1826-1828.1840. 8vols.1 vol lex. - Samuel T. Bloomfield. 1826-1828, 8 vols. 1 vol.Lex.1840.
Bloomfield's Recensio Synoptica Annotationis Sacrae is a Critical Digest commentary of collected notes Synoptically Arranged and Annotated in all the books of the New Testament. It is a massive labor and filled with classical references and original annotations. Many years in preparation and the basis of his later Greek New Testament Commentary in two volumes.To the 8 volumes I have added a 9th volume being his Lexicon after Robinson.mjm, 2010.
Keywords: greek; new testament; biblical; critical; philology; commentary; classical; patristic; hermeneutics
Downloads: 5,594
[texts]Christiani Danielis Beckii Gr. et Lat. ling. ... commentationes academicae de interpretatione veterum scriptorum atque monumentorum [microform] : ad sensum veri et pulcri facilem atque subtilem excitandum acuendumque recte instituenda quibus varia scriptorum loca emendantur explicantur illustrantur - Beck, Christian Daniel, 1757-1832
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Classical literature -- History and criticism; Classical philology; Hermeneutics
Downloads: 409
[movies]II Corinthians 5:1-21 – You Can Understand the Bible (Video) - Dr. Bob Utley
Video commentary on II Corinthians 5:1-21 by Dr. Bob Utley, retired Professor of Hermeneutics (Bible Interpretation). II Corinthians is the second of Paul's letters to the church at Corinth. We find the best teachings on cheerful giving in this letter to a church which had many problems. Part of the "You Can Understand the Bible"TM series. For more of Dr. Utley's Bible study guides, and audio and video sermons and commentaries, go to
Keywords: bible; bible study; bible commentary; christianity; jesus christ; hermeneutics; new testament; corinthians; bob utley
Downloads: 16
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